Friday, January 2, 2015

Super Girl Turns Five!

Sorry for the long hiatus.  No excuses but the craziness of life.  I know Christmas was just a week ago but now it is time to plan birthdays.  Yes, our daughter's birthday is one month after Christmas.  Always makes it fun for me to decorate for Christmas, try and buy gifts for everyone and rack my brain for another zany and crazy birthday idea.  

As I was thinking for the upcoming 6th birthday, I looked back on past birthdays and felt like sharing them with you on here. So, enjoy this post... Sullivan's 5th Birthday: Super Girl.

For the past 3 years, we have always rented a large building where we live in Chelsea for Sullivan's parties.  My themes call for a lot of room usually and not being able to use our outside at home since the weather is quite cold, we have always loved this space.

This particular year was an entertaining birthday as Snowmaggedon or the Snowpocalypse happened on January 28, 2014... Sullivan's actual birthday.  Walking home with four kids in the ice and snow for two miles while carrying backpacks and grocery bags with birthday cakes was not our ideal plans for her birthday.  But never fear... the party was planned for two weeks later and the weather was perfect!

Enjoy a look at Super Girl's birthday!  

Her "Super" cute Birthday Invitation... designed by yours truly!  Check out my other invitation designs at Pink Sassafras

Welcome to the Party!

I spent days and nights tracing and cutting and creating and printing and cutting some more and ironing on logos and adding velcro to make each party guest a "Super" cute cape of their very own!  Girls got to pick from pink, purple, yellow or turquoise capes.  Boys got to pick from red, yellow, blue or black capes.  I just bought a bunch of felt at the fabric store and I created the logos from some clip art I had and and ironed each logo on every cape.  A little velcro at the neck and they were done! Along with the capes, each party guest also got a set of felt wrist bands with buttons on them.

Of course, the birthday girl had a very special shirt and cape of her own!

The location of the party was the Chelsea Senior Center.  Sound interesting?  It is so perfect for parties and is rented out all the time to Chelsea residents for such occasions.  It has an upstairs and a downstairs perfect for a party.  The upstairs is the party room... huge open room with plenty of tables and chairs so you don't have to bring your own!  Downstairs is a full kitchen and eating area with an island perfect for laying out a spread of food and munchies.  

I always rack my brain for cute and full activities or games for the children to do during the first hour of the party.  Of course, it all has to match the theme of the party.  This year, I had a building block station set up complete with super hero action figures courtesy of big brother's stash at home.  I ordered the big cardboard building blocks from Oriental Trading along with the large cardboard skyscraper decorations.

We also had numerous tables set up with glitter tattoos, hairspray fun, create a super hero mask, super hero sticker scenes and super hero fuzzy posters.  The masks, sticker scenes and posters were also all ordered from Oriental Trading.    

 The biggest success and one of the most enjoyable stations I set up was the "Silly String a City Scene."  I put a piece of black butcher paper on the wall and using colored chalk, I drew a city scape scene.  I bought 50 cans of silly string at the Dollar Store.  Sounds like a lot, right?!  Nope, should have bought around 100!  The kids loved this and the silly string was gone way too soon.  It made them feel like Spider Man shooting webs at the buildings!

When it came time for food and cake, we headed downstairs where all the adults were already hanging out!  My kids prefer cookie cake over regular cake so that is what we had!  Also, Sullivan loves her some donuts so I called my go to donut shop, The Heavenly Donut Co. and had them make me a couple of dozen of special super hero donuts.  This place rocks and always comes through for me and my crazy donut requests!  Oh and also a shout out to The Great American Cookie Co. for honoring my random cookie cake requests as well!

Mommy & Daddy hanging out with their "Super 5 Year Old!"

And of course to end the party fun... a few random shots from the day!

Thanks for checking out our "Super" fun and "Super" cute party!  Be sure to come back and look through our other parties from years past that I will be posting!

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