Friday, January 2, 2015

We're Having a 3rd Birthday Circus!

Okay, I should be heading to bed now but I decided I would share another fun birthday party with you!  This is all about Sullivan's 3rd birthday which was January 28, 2012.  Like I said before, I have entertaining themes.  I try to go for something a little different.  Circus sounded fun to me because her birthday is the same weekend as the real Ringling Brothers Circus every single year.  Enjoy a look in to Sullivan's 3rd Birthday!

This party was at the Chelsea Senior Center like other parties after.  It worked great for the space of our circus!

Here are her super cute invitations!  I found these on Etsy before I started designing my own.  I also purchased matching favor tags and candy bar wrappers which I will show you a little later!  To find these invitations, go visit the Print Fairy on Etsy.

Our little Circus Clown in her special Birthday Girl outfit.  I also bought this on Etsy but have no clue on the seller's name!  Sorry!  If you can see her cute shoes, I made those!  I bought a plain pair of white hi-tops from either Wal-Mart or Target and added polka dots in all the matching colors and then glitter on top of them.  Then, I used organize ribbon for her laces.

My niece is eight years older than Sullivan so she and a group of her friends thought it would be too fun to buy fun pettiskirts and have me make them shirts with their clown names they all chose.  They were our Clown Helpers for the party!

The boys (including my son, my nephew and their friends) wanted cool shirts too.  I tie-dyed them each a shirt and just ironed on a different circus act character to the front of their shirt.  Here is my son, Camden.  He was the Ringmaster!  His big ol' clown bow tie is hiding his shirt!

And here are my nephew (center) and his friends... David the Lion Tamer, Walker the Strong Man and Davis the Human Cannonball.

We most definitely had some fun circus games.  Of course, I did not do as well taking pictures during this party as I normally do!  Sorry for the lack of good pictures!  

Included in our Circus fun was a duck pond, can toss, color your own circus paddle balls, spin the wheel, basketball toss, face painting, ring toss and coin drop.  We also had a Kissing Booth!  No, not that kind.  The kind where you guess the number of Hershey Kisses and you win them all if you are the closest!!

Who doesn't love party favors?!?  We had cute circus containers for you to fill with your choice of favors which including bags of Animal Crackers, Circus Peanuts and Cotton Candy.  

A few more fun shots of the party room - the present table, the super cute circus tent photo booth, the circus sign and a full shot of the favor table!

We did have a real birthday cake this year.  We have an all-time favorite bakery we have always used for birthday cakes throughout our life - Louise's Cakes & Things in Hoover.  Although, the baker who used to do all our cakes opened her own business a couple of years ago and is no longer at Louise's.  But when we get cakes, we always do an enormous sheet cake and they make it half vanilla, half chocolate cake for us.  As always, they do special requests for us and they created part of her invitation as the cake.  I always send the invitation with my mom to the shop and tell them to do what they want!  They also, from my request again, made popcorn cupcakes.

Here are a few more from the food areas...

I hope you enjoyed this party as much as we did!  Thanks for checking it out!

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