Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy First Day of School!!!

Today is the day!  My sweet kiddos start a brand new school year!  I am not a morning person so waking up early to prepare for them waking up is not fun for me!   But I did it and went upstairs a little later to first, wake up Camden.  He is a morning person (normally) but today did not want to wake up!  As I am dragging him up, I hear a door slam, peek out his door and Sullivan, who likes to sleep extra late, is wide awake with a smile on her face, ready for her first day of Kindergarten!

Of course, we had to take pictures galore and take their teachers a back to school goodie!  We get to walk them in to school the first two days which makes this mama happy!  But after I got to each room, they just went on their merry way and kind of ignored me!  

Of course, I posted the First Day of School signs on here for everyone to use but I always create my kids their own, more personalized one.

New backpacks and lunch boxes...

Arriving at school...

And of course, their goodies for their teachers... I sell all of my fun creations in my Etsy shop as well - Pink Sassafras!  Stop by and visit for these cute tags!  The marker tags are not posted yet but will be later today!

Pink Sassafras on Etsy - Bright Year Tags (click here)

And last but not least - Who wouldn't want to learn in this super cool classroom?!?!  Sullivan's class has an awesome Reading Loft they can climb up in and relax with a good book!


  1. Where can I get the remarkable tags? Thanks! :)

    1. Me too! Looking for Remark(er)able tags. Thanks!